Summer classes with Gurujas

June - September 2024

Summer classes with Gurujas

At the very peak of the Sun, JUNE, 20, join magical Gurujas Khalsa for a series of online classes.

Discover your inner capacities, unlock your talents and creative potential, amplify your radiance with two-time Grammy Awards winner and a world-renowned yoga teacher.

We will meet with Gurujas every third Thursday for evening classes.

The registration has already started, early bird pricing ends June, 14.

Summer classes with Gurujas
Gurujas Khalsa
Gurujas is also a world-renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher.
She is known as being intensely devoted to the accuracy of the teachings, as well as incorporating contemporary science and practical every-day applications. Gurujas’ Kundalini practice began in 2005, when she met her teacher, Harijiwan. Since that time, she has reached thousands of students through her classes and teachings.
Gurujas is a two-time Grammy-award winner and Billboard #1 artist.
She has gained a worldwide reputation as the lead singer, songwriter, and producer of White Sun. A true luminary in the music industry, she has paved revolutionary ground in the new era of high-frequency music. As an artist, she is known for her distinctive vocals, her ethereal live performances, and her ability to heal through song.
Gurujas is the founder & creator of Vocal Lab course, designed to explore the science and fundamentals of high-frequency musical vibrations and to learn how to increase the magnetism of your voice.
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